Sharon Nee Goodman
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This photo of the tree at dawn isn't a qualified photo for this photowalk as I took it on my way to downtown Austin. It's just that it was such a striking view, I had to pull over and get a photo of the sun coming up. 

This is the photo that I entered into the photo contest. Little boy and dog on the Colorado River in downtown Austin.
I was able to make the photowalk this year! Yea! I was disappointed to miss it last year, but it happened to fall on the day I was inducted into the DAR. Oh well, such is life! This made my 6th photowalk.

This year I did the downtown Austin photowalk. There was one in Georgetown, but it was pulled or cancelled as it didn't show up on the website the week before. Not that I was going to do that walk... it would be like shooting in your own backyard. I haven't been to the downtown area in the three years since we've been back in Texas. Other than a trip to the Bob Bullock Museum with Jackson and a drive around the block where the capital of Texas sits. So, I truly enjoyed walking the parks just across the Colorado River from downtown. I'm not going to say exactly how many photos I took, but I think I probably would have won the award for the most photos! 

After going thru all of my photos and picking the ones I liked best, here they are. I hope you enjoy them and get a sense of what the parks downtown have to offer.