Our Singapore trip ~ 2000
It's been seventeen years since Mike and I went to Singapore. It's a trip I will never forget and since it's been so long since we've been there and I've just run across the photos of the trip again, I decided to update this page.  It's one of my oldest pages! I'm adding photos that weren't on my page originally, so I hope you'll explore and enjoy the photos I've added.

When we arrived in Singapore, they were celebrating the Chinese New Year, which was celebrated from January 27th thru February 7th, 2000. It was wonderful seeing how other cultures celebrate.  We stayed at the Pan Pacific Hotel on the 32nd floor. I loved the view from the balcony.


Raffles Hotel  
This is where the drink "Singapore Sling" was invented!  It boasts the longest bar in Asia!  Rumors were that nightly rates started at $600 Singapore!  Very "British Colonial".

Sentosa Island  
I would consider this a cross between the beach, a museum district, a butterfly atrium, a huge park, and monorail rides!  Very good way to spend a day!

Temples & Churches  
With the multitude of cultures in Singapore, their places of worship are a sight for those that aren't used to seeing them!  The temples were very intriquely carved and are absolutely beautiful.

Out & about in Singapore   
I took these photos while out shopping and just wandering around Singapore.

Celebrating Chinese New Year
Year of the Snake-  The Chinese New Year is celebrated from January 25th thru February 7th (in 2000).  The last night we were there, they had one last international festival to celebrate the New Year.  We stayed out late that night to watch all the activities. 

Singapore River Tour
Mike and Kenny did get a day off from meetings, so we took a tour on the Singapore River to see some of the local points of interest from the water. 

Eating in Singapore
I decided to try just about anything in the way of food while in Singapore... even seafood, which I don't care for. From Blackened Crab to stingray, I tried it... and it don't taste like chicken!

Views of Singapore from the top of the Westin Hotel

Leaving Singapore

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